Charlotte’s 10 Worst Restaurant Well being Scores in August 2023

As Charlotte’s restaurant choice continues to develop, many institutions are scrambling to draw clients and actually letting their well being requirements slide within the course of.

Among the commonest causes for low scores have been meals handlers not washing their palms correctly, contaminated meals containers, and improper meals temperatures (many eating places are beginning to use infrared thermometers to keep away from this).

These have been the highest 10 worst inspection scores in Charlotte for August 2023;

#10 Dilworth Neighborhood Grill

Scored 90.5 (B) on 8/7/2023 

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed worker crack uncooked shell eggs and never wash palms earlier than transferring to RTE meals.
  • Noticed worker take away AirPods from ears after which start to prep tuna with out a hand wash.
  • Noticed no hand wash signal at hand sink close to the best entry to the kitchen.
  • Noticed uncooked rooster saved over RTE rooster and lower cabbage in WIC.
  • Noticed RTE crab muffins that have been visibly contaminated by uncooked steak in grill drawer.
  • Noticed massive containers of uncovered bacon crumbles, nuts, and fried wonton strips.
  • Noticed pretzels stacked in reachin unit straight on wire rack that’s not correctly cleaned or sanitized.
  • Noticed sanitizer at dishmachine and three comp sink at 0 ppm.
  • Noticed a number of TCS meals in WIC and on line that have been in chilly holding above 41F.

#9 Bulgogi Field

Scored 90.5 (A) on 8/1/2023

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed an worker’s open power drink saved on shelf over prep unit.
  • Noticed worker wash palms, then use naked hand to show off faucet. Arms have been recontaminated. At all times use a barrier when turning off faucet to stop recontamination of palms.
  • Noticed tofu, rice, and grilled rooster in prep high above 41F.
  • Noticed a home French dressing (garlic in oil) from 7/18 and slaw containing this dressing date marked 7/30 and eight/1.
  • Noticed cooked greens from 7/23, cooked corn from 7/23, fried rooster from 7/23, pork rib from 7/25, garlic and oil heat-treated cucumbers from 7/20, and cooked mushrooms from 7/23.
  • Noticed fried tofu held on TPHC with out time label.
  • Noticed residential pesticides in kitchen.

#8 Barcelona Wine Bar

Scored 89 (B) on 8/18/2023

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed lack of lively managerial management primarily based on barehand contact with RTE meals, when to scrub violations, lack of date marking, and constant chilly holding violations all through institution.
  • Noticed open worker beverage containers saved on prep tables.
  • Noticed closed worker beverage saved over clear reducing boards in dish space.
  • Noticed worker scratch again, not wash palms, and start to maneuver containers of meals. CDI-EHS stopped worker and worker correctly was palms.
  • Noticed dishwasher load soiled dishes into dish machine after which start to place clear dishes away with out a correct hand wash. Dishwasher acknowledged they spray their palms off with the pre-rinse.
  • Noticed worker making grilled cheese setups, touching RTE bread with naked palms.
  • Noticed no paper towels at two hand sinks in kitchen.
  • Noticed quite a few TCS meals in WIC above 41F. PIC acknowledged staff will go away WIC door ajar on days they put together empanadas.
  • Noticed cheeses used for charcuterie boards left in show case that’s not below temperature management. Cheeses had been lately pulled from a reachin cooler and ranged from 43F-49F.
  • Noticed empanadas, lower romaine, cooked egg plant sauce and a triple cream gentle cheese with out date marks.

#7 El Toro Bruto/ Resident Tradition Brewing

Scored 88.5 (B) on 8/2/2023

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed uncooked beef saved over RTE produce in two separate areas of the WIC.
  • Noticed one massive container of queso that didn’t cool from 135F to 70F in 2 hours.
  • Noticed queso at 132F at 10:00am at 72F at 12:08pm.
  • Noticed cooling baked potato at 110F at 11:09am and at 104F at 11:23am.
  • Noticed tacky, bacon wrapped peppers in scorching holding at 127-130F. EHS requested PIC what temperature the meals was cooked to previous to being positioned in scorching holding.
  • Noticed an unsalted butter (TCS) that was blended with a garlic in oil combination (TCS) held out at room temperature all through the day.
  • Noticed salsa with no date mark ready on 7/27, a pancake batter containing milk with no date mark from 7/29, opened sliced deli meat and milk with no date mark in low boy.
  • Noticed macha (garlic in oil) from 7/15 in WIC. A number of meals containing this macha from 7/15 have been date marked as 7/20, 7/27, and past.
  • Noticed roasted garlic mayo from 7/15 and seven/19 in prep unit and WIC.
  • Noticed cooked candy potatoes from 7/25 in reachin.
  • Noticed pork stomach that was cooked on 7/23.
  • Noticed improperly labeled spray bottle. Spray bottle was labeled as “floor cleaner and disinfectant,” however contained an unknown substance. This was decided primarily based on the colour of the substance. The spray bottle contained a yellow liquid, however the concentrated floor cleaner and disinfectant is blue.
  • Noticed unlabeled spray bottle containing a blue liquid close to the espresso station.

#6 Jinya Ramen Bar Ally Heart

Scored 87.5 (B) on 8/16/2023 (rescored to 94.5 on 8/24)

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed restricted management over a number of kitchen practices as evidenced by improper handwashing, improper cooling and strategies, and improper holding temperatures.
  • Noticed no meals safety supervisor on web site throughout inspection.
  • Noticed worker transfer from dealing with uncooked rooster to dealing with able to eat meals within the stroll in after which on the road with out washing palms.
  • Noticed worker doff glove after dealing with uncooked rooster and don new glove with out handwash.
  • Noticed worker flip off faucet previous to drying palms.
  • Noticed no cleaning soap at handsink close to range.
  • Noticed uncooked rooster saved over uncooked pork in stroll in.
  • Noticed uncooked rooster over lettuces in stroll in cooler.
  • Noticed spicy tuna combination and spicy tuna mayo saved over able to eat objects within the stroll in cooler.
  • Noticed rooster soup cooling from this morning in deep, lined metallic pans nonetheless above 41F after 6 hours.
  • Noticed steamed mushrooms cooling in ice water nonetheless above 70F after 2 hours.
  • Noticed pork broth that was bagged and saved in stroll in cooler from yesterday above 41F.

#5 Eight and Sand Kitchen

Scored 86.5 (B) on 8/10/2023

That they had the next violations;

  • PIC couldn’t present proof of CFPM certification through the inspection.
  • Noticed signed worker well being settlement with solely 5 of the Massive 6 Meals-borne diseases.
  • Noticed slicer, saved as clear, with meals residue current.
  • Noticed pan of rooster positioned within the WIC to chill, the earlier evening, at 43/44F.
  • Noticed cooked potatoes (53F), Candy Potatoes (42F), Smoked Salmon (46F) saved above 41F.
  • Noticed incorrect date marking label on steamed potatoes (8/1).
  • Noticed a number of objects with date marking labels with 8 day holding occasions.
  • Noticed Quinoa held longer than 7 days (8/1).
  • Noticed lower purple cabbage with no date marking.
  • Noticed one spray bottle containing sanitizer with out label current through the inspection.

#4 Fonda Las Cazuelas 

Scored 86 (B) on 8/30/2023 

That they had the next violations;

  • Worker noticed washing palms in meals prep sink.
  • No cleaning soap at hand washing sink in males’s restroom.
  • Institution will not be retaining oyster tags after utilizing all of the oysters in a batch.
  • Uncooked rooster and uncooked beef saved on shelf above fries and different RTE meals in reach-in cooler.
  • Most bus tubs, pans and containers that have been saved as clear had seen meals residue on them.
  • 2 pans of refried beans and 1 pan of rice have been 104-128F after reheating for two hours in oven. Rice was additionally reheating in rice hotter at 100F after half-hour.
  • Purple sauce measured 90-105F after cooling for two hours. Black beans have been cooling in ice tub on prep desk. Beans started cooling at 2:30PM and nonetheless measured 120F at 3:30PM.
  • Pico, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled onions, queso fresco, shredded cheese, uncooked rooster, uncooked beef, and different TCS meals in sandwich cooler measured 47-63F.
  • Salsas held on TPHC have been nonetheless in use after 4.5 hours.
  • No asterisk beside half shell oysters on menu.

#3 Harris Meals Mart

Scored 86 (B) on 8/1/2023 

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed worker well being coverage reference poster on wall however no exclusion settlement noticed.
  • Noticed open can of coconut water in flip high unit commingled with meals service components.
  • Noticed meals worker go from washing dishes to dealing with clear utensils and starting to don gloves with out a hand wash.
  • Noticed a number of containers, pans, and utensils with meals particles and residue saved as clear.
  • Noticed uncooked shell eggs sitting beside grill at ambient temperature.
  • Noticed quaternary ammonia sanitizer resolution in a twig bottle with focus over 400ppm.
  • Noticed bottle of degreaser with out a label.

#2 Halal Cellular Kitchen

Scored 85 (B) on 8/2/2023 (rescored to 95.5 on 8/29)

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed paper towels not out there at Prep Station.
  • Noticed massive oil container saved in basin of handsink for Halal WI cooler handsink.
  • Noticed uncooked lamb gyro saved below uncooked turkey and uncooked beef saved above RTE spicy mayo and different RTE meals in WI cage.
  • Noticed a number of purchasers utilizing a two-step methodology of cleansing dishes. Rinsing and washing solely.
  • Noticed containers of cooked pork and cooked rooster scorching holding at 129F. Sizzling field set to 133F.
  • Noticed sanitizer saved on high of cage for one vendor, above WRS dishes.

#1 Deejai Noodle Bar

Scored 82.5 (B) on 8/18/2023 (rescored to 94.5 on 8/30)

That they had the next violations;

  • Noticed PIC unaware of scorching holding temperatures, coaching for meals staff, Worker Well being requirement for coaching, restriction and exclusion, cooling, cooling strategies and chilly holding temperatures.
  • Noticed meals worker with current, uncovered stitches on arm working with uncovered meals.
  • Noticed containers of cleaners and different facility objects saved in handsink.
  • Noticed no paper towels at handsink close to rear rice hotter.
  • Noticed eaw pork over RTE sauce in prep cooler at prepare dinner line.
  • Noticed buildup in plates and sauce bowls in sushi station and strainers and different clear objects saved in dish pit.
  • Noticed cooked yellow curry and inexperienced curry containers in stroll in cooler nonetheless above 41F after greater than 6 hours.
  • Noticed cooked rooster, uncooked beef, uncooked rooster and different TCS meals declared chilly holding in prepare dinner line by PIC above 41F.
  • Noticed date marked TCS meals in stroll in cooler, however lacking date marking on smaller containers of TCS meals in flip high at prepare dinner line from earlier days.
  • Noticed drugs and medical alcohol saved above prep desk, prep unit and different meals prep areas.

For those who’d like to watch well being scores or do a fast seek for a restaurant you’re about to eat at, take a look at North Carolina’s well being inspection database right here.