Charlotte’s 10 Worst Restaurant Well being Scores in June 2023

As Charlotte’s restaurant choice continues to develop, many institutions are scrambling to draw clients and actually letting their well being requirements slide within the course of.

A few of the most typical causes for low scores have been meals handlers not washing their fingers correctly, contaminated meals containers, and improper meals temperatures (many eating places are beginning to use infrared thermometers to keep away from this).

These have been the highest 10 worst inspection scores in Charlotte for June 2023;

#10 Rhino Market

Scored 88.5 (B) on 6/5/2023 

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed no CFPM on website at begin of inspection.
  • Noticed open cup of soda on prep desk.
  • Noticed uncooked shell eggs saved over lettuce.
  • Noticed unwashed blueberries and strawberries saved over washed, RTE lettuce.
  • Noticed cooked rooster that was within the cooling course of with a cooling charge of 0 levels/min.
  • Noticed TCS meals in WIC and prep prime unit above 41F. Reference temperature chart. Ambient temperature of WIC was 47F. Cheeses in prep prime unit have been over stacked, above the fill line.
  • Noticed roasted garlic and garlic in oil with no date mark. Noticed garlic aioli (garlic in oil combination) from 4/24, Caesar dressing (garlic in oil combination per recipe guide) from 5/28, shrimp soup from 5/15, minimize cantaloupe from 5/28 and 5/29, and cooked portobello mushrooms from 5/28.

#9 Pho Actual

Scored 88 (B) on 6/16/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed a number of threat issue violations. EHS has had conversations with the managers a number of occasions previously about totally different rick issue violations.
  • Noticed cup of boba with out a lid saved with the dry storage gadgets on the shelf within the hallway.
  • Noticed a number of baggage of uncooked beef saved over a number of containers of soups in tall attain in freezer
  • Noticed uncooked shrimp saved over cooked pork bag and shrimp baggage.
  • Noticed uncooked rooster saved over beef in tall RI freezer.
  • Noticed slicer closely dirty with outdated meals and particles.
  • Noticed pork and rooster underneath the three comp sink and within the mop sink holding above 41F.
  • Noticed shrimp, rooster, noodles and pork within the low attain in cooler holding above 41F.
  • Noticed noodles and beef on the low attain in holding above 41F.
  • Noticed pho soup saved in an ECOLAB sanitizer bucket.

#8 Tacos El Regio

Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/15/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Nobody current at begin of inspection with ANSI meals safety supervisor certification.
  • A number of worker drinks noticed on prep tables and above meals in cooler models throughout inspection.
  • No paper towels at hand washing sink.
  • Worker noticed washing lettuce in hand washing sink.
  • Worker additionally noticed filling up water at hand sink.
  • Uncooked eggs saved on shelf above avocados.
  • Great amount of pans, containers and different utensils discovered with meals residue on them.
  • Some black buildup on inside of ice machine.
  • Salsa was reheating in steam desk at 90F.
  • Most TCS ready-to-eat meals lacking date labels all through (salsas, cooked meats, sizzling canine, ham, and many others.).
  • 1 spray bottle of Windex noticed on prep desk.

#7 Hawkers

Scored 87.5 (B) on 6/20/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed numerous repeat threat issue violations together with cooling strategies, chilly holding, and clear meals contact surfaces.
  • Noticed a number of dishes saved clear with stickers and sticker residue current. Stickers and sticker residue must be eliminated totally throughout cleansing course of.
  • Noticed steak cooked to 133F initially, but PIC acknowledged no proteins are provided uncooked or undercooked.
  • Noticed second last cook dinner temperature of 177F.
  • Noticed numerous TCS gadgets holding above 41F in a number of models all through facility.
  • Noticed one container of duck and two containers of rooster missing date marks.
  • PIC unable to find written procedures for holding rice on time.

#6 Cinergy 109

Scored 86.5 (B) on 6/9/2023 

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed metallic pans, slicer, and dicer saved as clear with meals particles. Noticed a number of pans saved as clear with sticker residue.
  • Noticed Queso being held in sizzling nicely at 71F.
  • Noticed 4 trays of uncooked hamburger patties and one pan of rooster breast in cook dinner line cooler at 62F.
  • Noticed ranch cups in chilly cupboard above 41F and dated 6-4-23.
  • Noticed chrome steel cleaner and sanitizer spray bottles above and on prep tables.
  • Noticed 2 spray bottles of sanitizer not labeled.
  • Noticed lifeless bugs in unclean hotter.

#5 La Unica Mexican Restaurant

Scored 86 (B) on 6/13/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed unwashed avocados saved over washed, chopped lettuce in WIC.
  • Noticed unwashed tomatoes and inexperienced peppers saved over washed, diced peppers and onions in WIC.
  • Noticed uncovered containers of chips, tostados, and taco shells.
  • Noticed rooster that was cooked yesterday, 6/12, that didn’t cool inside 6 hours, because it was 45F at time of inspection.
  • Noticed three varieties of salsa that have been in a chilly holding unit above 41F.
  • Noticed opened packages of hotdogs and sliced ham with out date marks.
  • Noticed tripe with out a thaw date, solely had prep/frozen date of 1/3.
  • Noticed crab ready on 6/5.

#4 Copan Restaurant

Scored 85.5 (B) on 6/15/2023 (rescored to 96 (A) on 6/21)

They’d the next violations;

  • Supervisor’s meals safety supervisor certification has expired.
  • Worker noticed touching face after which didn’t wash fingers earlier than naked handing cooked rooster. Additionally, supervisor breaded uncooked fish with gloves on after which discarded gloves and donned new gloves to work with cooking meals with out washing fingers in between.
  • Worker noticed dealing with fried rooster with naked fingers.
  • Uncooked rooster saved on shelf above cilantro on ground. Uncooked rooster breading bowl with uncooked rooster residue saved immediately on prime of greens.
  • Salsa measured 68F at 12:30PM. PIC acknowledged it started cooling at 12PM. Salsa nonetheless measured 68F at 1:30PM.
  • No date labels noticed on any TCS ready-to-eat meals in walk-in cooler or sandwich cooler.

#3 El Thrifty Social

Scored 85 (B) on 6/15/2023 (rescored to 98.5 (A) on 6/26)

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed worker contact limes with naked fingers.
  • Noticed worker contact RTE taquitos with naked fingers in WIC.
  • Noticed massive plastic containers blocking hand sink close to prep sink.
  • Noticed cracked, uncooked shell eggs saved in an open bowl over RTE meals in reachin.
  • Noticed unwashed corn saved over RTE meals in WIC.
  • Noticed a number of dishes and meals storage containers saved as clear with meals residue and particles.
  • Noticed quat sanitizer answer at 3 comp sink at 50ppm.
  • Noticed chip hotter that was not but in-use right now, visibly dirty from earlier days.
  • Noticed black and pink buildup inside ice machine.
  • Noticed taquitos in WIC at 44F.
  • Noticed vegetable taquitos ready on 6/7, Verde (garlic in oil) ready on 5/29, birria meat cooked on 6/1, and chorizo taquitos cooked on 6/6.
  • Noticed guacamole, cooked floor beef, and two trays of enchiladas with no date mark.
  • Noticed unlabeled spray bottle close to dish machine.

#2 La Sa Son

Scored 85 (B) on 6/8/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed nobody current at begin of inspection who was an authorized meals safety supervisor.
  • Noticed PIC unable to correctly reply to questions on foodborne illness signs and sicknesses.
  • Noticed PIC decide one thing up off the bottom with gloves on and never wash fingers earlier than partaking in meals prep.
  • Noticed a number of meals staff go away their work stations and return with out washing fingers.
  • Noticed PIC wash fingers and switch off faucet with out utilizing a barrier.
  • Noticed hand washing sink with none sort of drying gadget.
  • Noticed meals worker manually W/R/S with chlorine sanitizer focus at 0 ppm.
  • Noticed puréed yuca in WIC ready yesterday afternoon between 45-47F.
  • Noticed tuna sizzling holding at 93F. Per PIC, it had simply been reheated about an hour in the past.
  • Noticed fish in WIC at 51F. Per PIC, fish was ready yesterday and left in a single day on meals cart.
  • Noticed tuna ready yesterday in steam desk with no date.
  • Noticed Queso fresco, carne cerdo and beef empanadas ready yesterday in reach-in with no date.
  • Noticed cooked shrimp and fish in prep prime ready yesterday with no date.
  • Noticed beef empanadas, cooked diced rooster, salad, and beans in WIC ready yesterday with no date.
  • Noticed menu merchandise that incorporates undercooked eggs with no client advisory.
  • Noticed no asterisks on menu for menu merchandise that serves eggs that may be undercooked.

#1 Maple Avenue Biscuit Firm

Scored 85 (B) on 6/5/2023

They’d the next violations;

  • Noticed that supervisor doesn’t have meals safety certification.
  • Noticed worker drink cup saved on pan at meals prep sink.
  • Noticed worker go to placed on new gloves after eradicating soiled gloves, with out washing fingers.
  • Noticed no hand towels at hand sink in entrance space of retailer.
  • Noticed there to be no sanitizer combined to be used on meals contact surfaces.
  • Noticed meals particles on bowls, pans.
  • Noticed waffle combine to be combined in massive deep containers which measured at 56F.

Should you’d like to observe well being scores or do a fast seek for a restaurant you’re about to eat at, take a look at North Carolina’s well being inspection database right here.