Charlotte About To Witness A Uncommon ‘Blue Supermoon’ Dance With Saturn This Week

This week, stargazers will witness a surprising cosmic present: a uncommon blue supermoon accompanied by a singular viewing of Saturn.

On Wednesday evening, Augusts’ second full moon will grace the skies above Charlotte, incomes its ‘blue moon’ label.

This supermoon would be the closest of the yr at roughly 222,043 miles (357,344 kilometers) from Earth. This distance is notably nearer than the supermoon on Aug. 1st.

On the similar time, Saturn will gleam 5 levels to the moon’s higher proper at sundown within the east-southeast horizon. Because the night progresses, it’ll appear as if Saturn will probably be dancing with the moon.

For those who like large moons, don’t miss this one, as the following ‘blue supermoon’ gained’t seem till Might 2037, in accordance with NASA.